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~*HetaliaXxXPregnant!Reader*~ Pregnancy Is Such a Wonderful Time {Australia} (Part 1: Finding Out)

"Opal?" you called out, looking around your fenced-in back yard.

No answer.

"Opal?" you called the little koala's name again. [1]


You let out a sigh, "I'm sorry, Honey, but I can't seem to find her..."

"Don't worry yaself over it too much, Love," your husband's voice came over the line. "She'll be apples. This isn't the first time she's done this, and it won't be the last."

"I know, but I just find it strange, Jett. She's usually joined to you at the hip!" you replied with a frown as you bent over a bit to look under the bushes that lined the yard.

"True, but I wouldn't worry yaself over such a thing. Opal can take care of 'erself."

"Well, that's for sure," you let out a chuckle. "I remember how she treated me when we first started going together."

Jett let out a boisterous laugh, "Y-Yeah. I remember those days. Opal could not stand ya, but she's warmed up quite a bit since then."

"Well, I wouldn't go as far to say she likes me. I'm pretty sure she's just learned to tolerate us being together," you replied, holding your cell phone between your ear and shoulder as you pushed back some of the leaves that could be hiding your husband's precious koala.

"Oh, come on, now, Love. She cares for ya, too."

"Jett, I don't kno--There you are, Opal!"

The grey-furred animal looked up at you, her eyes widening as if she were surprised you had found her.

"You found 'er?"

"I did," you sang before kneeling down with your arms outstretched. "Come here, Opal. It's time I give you some brekkie."

"Pickin' up some of my slang, are ya, Love?" your Australian husband asked, a smile evident in his voice.

"I guess so," you giggled as Opal, rather unexpectedly, climbed up your legs and wrapped her arms around your stomach.

"I love ya, ___ Kirkland," he said after some silence.

You smiled, adjusting the phone with your hand, "I love you, too, Jett Kirkland."

He sighed, "I better get goin', so I'll talk to ya later, a'right?"

You nodded, despite the fact you knew he couldn't see you, "Alright."

"Bye, Love."

"Bye, Jett."

And with that, you hung up the phone and looked down at the tiny animal that still clung onto you. Only now, she was nuzzling your stomach, making soft sounds that resembled a purr.

"What is with you, Opal?" you questioned as you got up from your squatting position; she still held onto you despite the pull gravity must have had on her little body. "First, you stay here instead of going with Jett to the meeting. Then, you hide from me, and now, you're acting quite strange."

Opal, of course, being a koala, did not say a word. She just looked up at you with her big eyes.

You released a breath, "Well, I guess you must be hungry, so I'll whip you up some--"


You turned your head at the sound of your best friend's voice, and there Lizzy was, standing on the other side of your fence, a gate being the only thing between you. You headed over to her slowly, hoping Opal would take the chance to jump off you, but if anything, her grip tightened.

"Good morning, Lizzy," you grinned, walking over to her.

"I was just about to ring your doorbell when I heard your voice back here. Who were you talking to?" she gave you a slight grin as you opened the gate to let her into your backyard.

"I was on the phone to Jett, and I was talking to this little cutie who won't let go of my stomach," you sighed, looking down at your husband's companion.

"Oh, yeah. Jett seemed concerned at the meeting; I guess he wasn't used to not having Opal with him," Lizzy followed you up the stairs to your deck and towards the back, sliding doors.

"They're usually inseparable, but lately, Opal's been clinging to me. I don't know if Jett's jealous of Opal getting in the way of us or me getting in the way of them," you chuckled as you closed the door behind your friend.

She let out a laugh before her face suddenly turned serious, "I wonder..." she stepped forward, bending down to look at the koala around your waist.

Opal regarded her with stern eyes, wondering whether the person before her was friend or foe.

"What's wrong, Lizzy?" you asked, furrowing your brows in slight worry.

"Nothing," she shook her head, still staring at Opal intently. "Do you know if ___ truly is pregnant?"

And with those words, your eyes tripled in size, nearly popping out of their sockets, "P-pregnant?"

Lizzy looked up at you and nodded, "Yes. Pregnant."

You brought a hand up to your mouth while the other rested just above Opal's head, "You think I'm...?"

"Well, you are exhibiting the symptoms..." Lizzy stood straight. "When was the last time you menstruated...or were supposed to?"

You thought for a moment, remembering that your period hadn't come yet, but maybe it was just late. You couldn't imagine yourself pregnant, and you and Jett had taken the proper measures to...

But then there was that one night, the anniversary of your first date...The two of you celebrated as newlyweds, spending the most of your night in the bedroom and not coming out till dawn. You remembered starting off with a condom...You remember Jett putting one on, but you had made love so many times that night. Did he, in his hazy, pleasure-filled mind, discard it? Or was there a hole in the bag? If either was true, there was no doubt you were pregnant. Jett had made sure of that, even if he didn't mean to.

And that's just the thing. He probably wasn't expecting a baby to be the product of that night. The only effects he probably anticipated were fatigue, a few hickeys, and your inability to walk the next day.

Not a new life.

Suddenly, you felt two hairy arms around your neck and something soft rubbing your jaw.

You looked down at Opal, who had climbed up to the upper half of your body. She had never been this caring towards you; she always preferred Jett, and she didn't like it when too much of his attention was on you.

But now...

You looked to Lizzy, "I guess I should make a doctor's appointment..."

Her face lit up in triumph, "Already done."

"What?" you gaped at her. "Who'd you make it with? I'm pretty sure you need a..."

"Specialist?" she finished for you, arching a brow as she rested her fists on her skirt-clad hips. "How stupid do you think I am?"

You opened your mouth to answer but quickly closed it when you noticed her glare.

"I got you an appointment for fourteen o'clock with Dr. Jass."

"Gil's doctor?" you questioned, a little shocked that she would take you to him.

She rolled her eyes, "He specializes in multiple areas, and he's a good friend of mine. When I told him what you were going through, he insisted you come in for a pregnancy test."

"Alright," you gave in and headed towards the front of your house. "I'll go."


It was almost sixteen o'clock, and you were still waiting, rather restlessly, for the verdict of the pregnancy test Dr. Jass had administered.

Why were you there so late?

It started with a little koala named Opal who refused to leave your side or let loose your body. Even now, the grey animal had her arms tied around your neck. You were late because of her; you spent a good forty-five minutes trying to get her to stay home because you were pretty sure koalas weren't allowed in doctors' offices.

In the end, Lizzy called up Dr. Jass, or as you come to know him as, Hugh, and asked him if animals were allowed. Luckily, he didn't mind as long as she was well behaved, so you took your chances.

Now, because you were about an hour late, you spent a half-hour in the waiting room with Lizzy, trying to ignore the odd looks and judging stares you were getting from other patients. So a koala was in your lap, hanging onto you as if her life depended on it? Big Deal.

Then, your name was finally called.

"Mrs. Kirkland? The doctor will see you now."


However, your excitement ended when you realized just how long Dr. Jass was taking with getting your results back.

Jett was due home before seventeen o'clock. That meant any time from now until then, if he wasn't home already.

And to be honest, you didn't know how you were going to tell him the news if there was news to tell. This was a large step for both of you, starting a family, especially as newlyweds.

"Sorry for the wait, Mrs. Kirkland," Dr. Jass said, entering the room with a small smile on his lips and a clipboard in his hands. "We got the results, and it are in need of a congratulations! You're pregnant!"

You looked to Lizzy, your face stoic as you felt Opal nuzzle your neck and let out her purr-like noises again. had news to tell, but was it good...or bad?

~*HetaliaXxXPregnant!Reader*~ Australia {Part 1}

He's here! :D I hope you like his first part, and he's the beginning of the "add-ons" list. I'm so excited. That means 9 more Part 1s to write after this before I'm back to England for his Part 2!

I tried the accent as best as I could...

[1] I named the Koala Opal because I couldn't find an official name or gender, even. Opal seemed logical because it Australia's national gemstone.

Translations (c) Me and Australian Slang

- 'She'll be apples' - She'll be fine
- 'brekkie' - breakfast

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You (c) You, but I think its a toss up between :iconsexyfranceplz::iconsexyprussiaplz::iconsexyrussiaplz:. Most likely, :iconsexyaustraliaplz:.


~*Voted List*~

~*Final List*~

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~*HetaliaXxXPregnant!Reader*~ Pregnancy Is Such a Wonderful Time {Switzerland} (Part 1: Finding Out)

You let out a soft sight before bringing your weak body off the stone floor of your bathroom and heading out into your bedroom.

You didn't have time for lying around, and since you were feeling a bit better, it would be wise if you started on your chore.

Yes, chore. Singular.

Your husband, Vash, despite being quite the frugal man, made it so you would not have to lift a finger. He hired a housekeeper, a gardener, a butler, and even, for some time, a cook. You had made it clear to him, on multiple occasions, that you did not want to just sit around the house all day, eating caviar off a silver plate.

To which, he replied, "O-oh. You like zhat expensive stuff? Vell, if you like it zhat much..."

"Vash!" you chuckled, bringing him into a hug. "You're too good to me, and I appreciate the sentiment. However, I don't need to be babied."

He had let out a sigh and acquiesced to your wishes, stating he would find the staff other jobs someplace else, but he insisted on having a cleaning and landscaping service come twice a month; the Zwingli Manor was too massive for a single person to keep up.

That left you to all the cooking, which, you didn't mind. It gave you something to do during the day and something to please Vash with.

The only other chore you had besides that, the one you were about to begin, was taking care of Vash's guns while he was too busy.

This had been a chore given to you long before the decision to fire the live-in help simply because Vash didn't trust them to handle his gun collection, but he did trust you. It was that trust that made such a job a pleasure to do.

But before you could make it to Vash's office, the doorbell sounded throughout the house.


'That must be Lizzy,' you thought to yourself, removing your hand from the doorknob to Vash's study.

Considering the front door was at the other end of your sizeable home, you picked up the skirt of your nightgown and ran down the lit halls until you reached the main foyer. To your surprise, Lizzy had not rung the doorbell multiple times; you knew your friend to be an impatient woman, but when you opened your door, you realized why Lizzy did not stay true to her habits.

The person at your door was not Lizzy.

"Oh, Lili!" you exclaimed, a smile on your face.

"Guten Morgen, groẞe Schwester," she gave you a small smile. "Vash told me you vere feeling a bit under zhe vheather and asked zhat I come see you."

"Oh, well, you didn't have to, Lili," you replied, stepping aside to allow her into your home. "Vash worries too much."

"But I vanted to make sure you vere alright," she frowned, shrugging off her coat and brushing past your outstretched hands.

"That's very kind of you, Lili--Oh, let me do that. You're a guest..."

"I am also your schwester," she grinned, hanging up her coat herself, "and I vorry about you just as much as mein bruder does."

Your eyes widened a little bit at that, "Well, I certainly love having you here, Lili. If I had known sooner, I would've prepared something or at least gotten dressed."

"Zhere's no need for zhat, ___," she said before pulling you into a hug. After she released you, she grinned. "Now, vhy don't you go sit down, and I'll prepare some tea and toast for you. It isn't good for you to be up and about on an empty stomach."

Knowing it was no use to try and argue with Lili, you did as she strongly suggested, heading towards the living room.



Lili's eyes met yours, the both of you looking up from your tea cups.

"Vere you expecting somevone, ___?" she questioned, leaning towards the coffee table to put her cup and saucer down.

You let out a sigh and nodded, "But you can't tell anyone she's here!"

"Who?" she asked.



Lili seemed a little shocked by this but then promised to keep her presence a secret before running off to let her in.

From the living room, you could hear your best friend's surprise.

"Lili! I didn't expect to see you here!" Lizzy exclaimed as her heels echoed throughout the house.

"I came over because Vash told me ___ vasn't feeling too vell."

"So he noticed, huh?" Lizzy asked with a sigh.

"He told me she has been like zhis for some time now," Lili's worry was evident in her voice.

"Well, I think I might know what is bothering her, and even if I'm wrong, I doubt it is something we should fret over, though your brother might think otherwise," Lizzy said as their footsteps headed towards the room you were currently settled in. "Ah, there you are, ___!"

Lizzy rushed towards you, bringing you into a hug while being wary of the warm tea in your hands, "How are you feeling?"

"Better, now that I have something in my stomach," you sent grin towards your sister-in-law, who stood by watching the scene with a slight curve to her lips.

"I'm happy to hear that," Lizzy giggled before taking a seat next to you on the couch. Lili soon followed suit, taking the spot on the other side of you.

You both turned to look at Lizzy, " said you had a hunch on what this might be..."

"Oh! Yes," she nodded, reaching for her purse. "I even bought something we could use to test my theory..."

"Something that could test...?" you trailed off as you saw her produce a small, rectangular box from the main pocket of her bag.

"You think groẞe Schwester ist schwanger?" Lili uttered, shocked, from behind you.

Lizzy nodded her head, looking from the box to you, "I do."

"But how could this be? We..." you trailed off for two reasons. One, you were pretty sure your sister-in-law didn't want to know whether or not you and her brother used protection, and two, you were recalling what happened a few weeks front of the fireplace. What started out as innocent cuddling turned into a night of passion that wasn't exactly anticipated...In other words, you and Vash had made love without protection. wouldn't exactly be improbable that you were carrying the beginning of his child...especially after that night.

Actually, you'd be surprised if you weren't pregnant.

You let out a sigh and took the box from Lizzy, "So how does this work? I know...go to the bathroom on it?"

"There are instructions in the box, but I think that's basically it."

"Okay..." you released a breath, suddenly feeling like the weight of the world was suddenly on your shoulders...

'What would Vash think if I was pregnant...?'

You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned to look at Lili. She gave you a dazzling smile and said, "It's okay, ___. Ve're here for you, and mein bruder is, too, even if he doesn't exactly know vhy yet..."

"She's right, ___," Lizzy said, squeezing your hand that wasn't holding the pregnancy test. "Now, go take that test because I have a doctor's appointment in a half an hour."

"Why are you going to the doctor's?" you asked, frowning. "Are you okay?"

"No. No. No," she threw her head back in laughter. "The appointment isn't for me; it's for you."

"For me?" your eyes widened.

"Mhmm. If you're pregnant, it's important you see a doctor to double check and schedule routine check-ups. If you aren't...well, maybe he can figure out what's wrong," she replied.

"Well, thank you, Lizzy," you pulled her into a hug before turning to give your sister-in-law one. "Thanks to the both of you."

"It is no trouble, ___," Lili grinned.

"I guess I'll go take that pregnancy test now..." you murmured, still a bit nervous about the whole ordeal.


"Yup. No doubt about it," Dr. Jass, a good friend and doctor of Lizzy's, uttered, looking up from his clipboard. "You, Mrs. Zwingli, are in fact, carrying a baby. Congratulations."

Your eyes widened at the confirmation. The pregnancy test had given the same verdict, but it just didn't feel real. Actually, it still didn't feel real, but to know that there is no way that you aren't pregnant just...blew your mind.

"Ja! I'm going to be a tante!" Lili screamed, jumping into the air.

Lizzy gave you a smile and a hug, "You're going to be a great mutter!"

"I can't wait to tell groẞ bruder!" Lili pulled out her cell phone and began pressing buttons on it.

"No!" you shouted, getting off the examination table.

"Vhy not, ___?" she asked, looking up at you with confusion in her eyes.

"Because...I don't know if this is what he wants..."

"Vhat do you mean, ___? Ov course he vants..."

"How do you know?" you asked with a sigh. "We've never really talked about it, and we're still newlyweds..."

"Vell, I can't force you into telling him, but I still zhink you should," Lili let out a sigh, looking down at her phone.

"Of course I will...just not now..." you looked down at your stomach, which didn't look any bigger to your eyes. "I want to ask him if he wants this first..."

"I understand," Lili nodded before pressing a button and putting her phone away.

"Thank you," you grinned, taking her hands in yours.

*** the back of a UN meeting room...

Vash listened to the silence, signifying that his sister had finally hung up, but by the sounds of her conversation with ___, she didn't know he had been on the phone in the first place.

What really worried him, though, was just what his beautiful little wife was keeping from him and why she was so urgent about keeping it.

~*HetaliaXxXPregnant!Reader*~ Switzerland {Part 1}
Hey, guys. I'm back...and it's been a long time. I really want to finish this though...five parts for all 30 characters and all. I don't know if I will. I don't know if I'll take a break and come back again, but I'm sorry for the long wait.

Translations (c) iTranslate (App on my iPad)

- 'Guten Morgen' - Good Morning
- '
groe Schwester' - Big Sister
- 'schwester' - sister
- 'mein bruder' - my bruder
- '
groe Schwester ist schwanger' - Big Sister is pregnant
- 'tante' - aunt
- '
gro bruder' - Big Bruder
- 'mutter' - mother ('mutti' is more informal)

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You (c) You, but I think its a toss up between :iconsexyfranceplz:, :iconsexyprussiaplz:, :iconsexyrussiaplz:. Most likely, :iconswitzerlandplz:.


~*Voted List*~

~*Final List*~ 
This is it people. The add-ons are below, as well as the requested. I will NOT be adding to either list, so no requests for this. (But I may do more once this is finished //shot) I think 30 guys is enough, especially because this is a multi-part series.

~*Amount of Parts*~

I'm not sure how I'm going to break this up...I already know what I'm going to make Part 2 and Part 3 about...but for the rest...I'm not so sure...

(Part 1: Finding Out)
(Part 2: Telling Him and Everyone Else)
(Part 3:  )

And that's all I got, so please, PLEASE come back here to this journal once in a while. I'll have the link posted on the Intro and every part of this series. This is like...the core center of the entire series. It has all the info and links you need to know.

**I am probably going to make this only 5 parts each...meaning 150 parts total**
**EXCUSE ME...:iconcannotevenplz: 150...150...150...GOD**
**I'm back. Anyway...I'm thinking Part 3 will be a drabble of random notable moments during your nine months of pregnancy, Part 4 as you going into labor, and I'm thinking Part 5 as the birth and a future moment with your child...TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK**


I am doing fanart for this. I have them planned out, but if you guys have any ideas for poses...let me know. They must include the country and a baby with an undefined gender.

**BTW, if it gets to be too much...I may have a contest for some or all of them...but meh...trivial stuff...**

~*Part 2 Starter Date*~

England's (being the first on the list) 2nd part will be out...drum roll please...

OCTOBER 27, 2012!

**14 days after my original date...and I apologize. I've been so busy it should be illegal...**


~*Voted List*~

1 - :iconyayenglandplz:England - 10 votes ~ {Part 1}
2 - :iconyaygermanyplz:Germany - 8 votes ~ {Part 1}
3 - :iconyaycanadaplz:Canada - 7 votes ~ {Part 1}
4 - :iconyayrussiaplz:Russia - 6 votes ~ {Part 1} 
5 - :iconyaynorwayplz:Norway - 4 votes ~ {Part 1}
6 - :iconyayprussiaplz:Prussia - 3 votes ~ {Part 1}
7 - :iconyayromanoplz:South Italy - 3 votes {Part 1}
8 - :iconyayamericaplz:America - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
9 - :iconyayaustriaplz:Austria - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
10 - :iconyaychinaplz:China - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
11 - :iconyayestoniaplz:Estonia - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
12 - :iconyayfinlandplz:Finland - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
13 - :iconyayfranceplz:France - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
14 - :iconyaykoreaplz:Korea - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
15 - :iconyayicelandplz:Iceland - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
16 - :iconyaylithuaniaplz:Lithuania - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
17 - :iconyayscotlandplz:Scotland - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
18 - :iconyayspainplz:Spain - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
19 - :iconyayswedenplz:Sweden - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}
20 - :iconyayswitzerlandplz:Switzerland - 1 vote ~ {Part 1}

~*Add-Ons List*~

21 - :iconyayaustraliaplz:Australia - 0 votes ~ {Part 1}
22 - Denmark - 0 votes* -
23 - Greece - 0 votes* -
24 - Japan - 0 votes* -
25 - Latvia - 0 votes* -
26 - Male!Belarus - 0 votes* -
27 - Male!Ukraine - 0 votes* -
28 - N. Italy - 0 votes* -
29 - Romania - 0 votes* -
30 - Turkey - 0 votes* -

**All the stars next to the votes signify that these countries were asked for AFTER initial voting/requesting was closed.

As always,




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