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July 25, 2012
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Pregnancy Is Such a Wonderful Time: Hetalia {Introduction}

You threw up for the fifth time that day, and you were starting to get a little bit more worried. When this started last week, you simply thought it was part of getting your period because you would, one in a while, feel a hint of nausea a few days before you actually started, but when it continued on for a few days…you knew something was wrong; especially when you missed your period. That wasn't normal.

Luckily, your husband was a very busy man, being a country and all, so you didn't have too much trouble hiding your current state of health and anxiety. The last thing you wanted was for him to get worried on top of being stressed out with his job.

Sighing, you got up from your bathroom floor and grabbed your cell, which had been resting next to you during your pleasant visit to the inside of your toilet. You dialed your friend's, Elizabeta's, number, keeping your promise to call her when and if you threw up again. Elizabeta was the only one you could really confide with when it came to things like this, knowing she would keep your secrets…well, secrets. Of course, you always confided with your husband, but when it came to your body, you still felt a tiny bit uncomfortable about discussing it, considering you two were still considered newlyweds. Besides, it wasn't like you were dying or anything. You probably just had something hormonal you had to see a doctor about. No biggie.

"Hello?" Elizabeta's voice came on the line.

"Hello, Lizzy," you called her by her nickname that you had given her; you were the only one who could without running into a certain situation involving frying pans.

"___! Did you throw up again?" Lizzy asked quietly, knowing that would be the only reason why you would call her while she's at work.

Yes, Elizabeta was the personification of Hungary and, therefore, was your husband's coworker.

"Yes," you answered, frowning slightly at the thought; it just made you queasy again.

"Elizabeta? Are you paying attention?" you heard your husband say in the background.

"Damn it!" Elizabeta hissed. "I'm sorry, ___, but if you want to keep this confidential, I'm going to half to hang up. Your hubby is going to catch me talking to you and wonder why you called me!"

"Alright," you suddenly felt like sticking your head in the toilet again; your stomach wasn't finished with it yet.

"I'll call you during the five minute break we get. Okay?" Lizzy whispered.

"Uh-huh," you answered half-heartedly.

"Hang in there, ___!" Lizzy perked up, but still managed to stay quiet.

"Elizabeta!" it was the whole UN now.

"I got to go! Bye!" Lizzy said hastily.

"Elizabeta, who were you on the…"

The phone went dead, causing you to sigh. After hanging up, you dragged yourself back to the toilet for round six…


There was no way that you had enough food in your stomach to cause you to through up ten times. You had to be empty now, considering you hadn't eaten lunch. You were now leaning on the wall of your bathroom, facing your toilet. You felt tired, worn out, and still sick to your stomach. You groaned as you brought your head back up off the wall and brought your phone to your forehead. Elizabeta hadn't called you back yet, and you really needed her right now; she was the only girl you could trust.

Suddenly, your phone vibrated, making you jump. Smiling at the number, you pressed the call button and said, "Hello?"

"Hey, ___! Germany finally let us go!" Lizzy giggled, and her laugh echoed in the room she was in, probably the women's room in the UN building. "Are you feeling better?"

"Not really…" you sighed, frowning. "I threw up four times since we last talked, and I feel so weak…"

"Well, your stomach MUST be empty now, but you should really drink something. The last thing anyone needs is for you to feint on the bathroom floor because you didn't keep hydrated," Lizzy always knew how to make you smile. "I'm serious, ___! What would your husband think?"

"Yeah…he would be really worried…" you murmured before shouting at Lizzy. "Which is why YOU aren't going to say a thing!"

"My lips are sealed, ___," she responded, "but shouldn't you tell him? I mean, he'll be upset once he finds out you are practically dying…"

"I'm not dying!" you growled, causing her to laugh.

"I know. I know," she chuckled. "Well, if you want, I can ask if I can leave early. Do you need a friend that badly?"

Despite feeling bad for making her leave, you felt horrible and truly needed her to come over, "…yes…"

"Okay!" she chirped. "I'll ask once we go back into the conference room. I'm sure they'll let me if I say it's an emergency."

"And if they ask…?"

"I know. I know. Personal matters to attend to. Your name won't be uttered," you could picture her rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone.

"Good. Thanks, Lizzy; I owe you one," you smiled slightly as you said this. Lizzy was like a sister to you.

"Nah. You would do the same for me," she chuckled before continuing, "and I get to get out of work."

You laughed, "Alright. I'll see you soon?"

"You'll see me soon. I'll threaten these guys with my frying pan until they can't refuse!"

"Just spare my husband," you said, serious about this fact.

"You really do love him," she giggled. "Well, I'm not making any promises."

"Lizzy…" you growled.

"Okay! Okay! Jeez…what's got your panties in a twist? You're acting like a hormonal, pregnant woman!"

"I love you, too, Lizzy," you giggled, in spite of the discomfort you were feeling.

"You better!" she laughed. "Love you, too! See ya!"

With that, she hung up.


Hiya! I decided to do this because…well, I love Hetalia and most of the countries. I saw some people do beach ones, sleep over ones, and stuff where you could choose your guy, and go through a certain scenario with his little twist on it. This one is where the reader is pregnant. How will her Hetalia husband take it?

I don't know which order I should do this in…so post a comment below, containing the country you want to go first! I'll keep a tally and…well, write them from greatest to least! I hope you enjoy, and the other parts will be more descriptive because I have an actual country I can work off of! Thank you!

And if this has been done before, I am so terribly sorry, and if you want me to remove it, though I won't be too happy to, I will remove it.
New series! :) Intro!

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You (c) You, but I think its a toss up between France, Prussia, and Russia


:iconyayenglandplz:England: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaygermanyplz:Germany: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaycanadaplz:Canada: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayrussiaplz:Russia: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaynorwayplz:Norway: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayprussiaplz:Prussia: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayromanoplz:S. Italy: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayamericaplz:America: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayaustriaplz:Austria: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaychinaplz:China: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayestoniaplz:Estonia: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayfinlandplz:Finland: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayfranceplz:France: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaykoreaplz:S. Korea: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayicelandplz:Iceland: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyaylithuaniaplz:Lithuania: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayscotlandplz:Scotland: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayspainplz:Spain: Part 1 - [link]
:iconyayswedenplz:Sweden: Part 1 - [link]
Switzerland: ASAP~
Australia: ASAP~
Denmark: ASAP~

~*Voted List*~ [link]

~*Final List*~ [link]
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can you do I about japan, please? it's okay if you don't want to i'll still enjoy the other writings you've wrote
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ive read them all and there great :) when are u continuing??
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